Project description

 The ROD project is in the frame of CleanSky Project and particularly in the frame of the GRC2 subproject (Reduced drag of airframe & non lifting rotating parts) of the Green Rotorcraft (GRC) Integrated Technology Demonstrators.

Concept and project objectives

Due to the expected growth of the rotorcraft traffic for passenger transport, the rotorcraft (including tilt-rotor) contribution to environmental impact, negligible today, would become more significant in next decade unless a major initiative succeeds in keeping it under control. An important aspect for the energy efficiency of an aircraft (and consequently for the reduction of the fuel burn and CO 2 emissions) is the behaviour of the engine air-intakes.
The present project pertains to the wind tunnel testing of the air-intake of a tiltrotor European platform (ERICA). The aim of the activity is the evaluation of the effectiveness (mainly in terms of pressure losses and flow uniformity at the AIP) of the shape optimisation performed by GRC consortium on the intake duct. Both original and optimised configuration will be tested to assess the optimisation effectiveness by comparison.

Overall strategy and general description

The project is based on wind tunnel testing activity. The tests will be carried out on models appositely developed in the frame of the present project. Two different model of internal ducts will be produced to compare the original and the optimized shape. The complete air-intake configuration models (including nacelle and external wing) will be tested with the original and the optimized duct at Politecnico Wind Tunnel (GVPM), in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the new intake design optimised by GRC2. The wind tunnel tests will include the use of internal PIV technique to evaluate some physical details.
The model will be designed and produced by Revoind (with the collaboration of Politecnico for the wind tunnel compatibility aspects). The control system and the test instrumentation will be provided by Politecnico that will also carry out the test activity.