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TETRA Project


This WP leans with the wind tunnel tests of the tilt-rotor movable wing and nacelle model that will be carried out in the large wind tunnel of Politecnico di Milano. The objective of the wind tunnel tests is to perform accurate pressure losses measurements, flow distortion evaluation and by-pass efficiency analysis to assess the benefits of the ducts shape optimization. With this aim, static pressure measurements both in the internal ducts and on the external nacelle surface and total pressure and flow angularity measurements at the engine AIP will be carried out using scanner systems and appropriate pressure taps and probes. The present tests include internal flow PIV surveys to evaluate some details of the flow physics on a set of selected operating conditions.

The check of the endoscopic PIV system was carried out with a test bench including the use of a light arm for the laser sheet. The preliminary tests results showed the feasibility of the technique to obtain the interesting details of the flow field inside the duct.



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